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What a CRMA™ Report Is


The Evidence is There

Just as the MRI picks up disc injuries, the CRMA™ report exists to detect and analyze the non-disc spinal ligament injuries. 
The leading cause of chronic pain is spinal injury. In fact, “spinal conditions” are some of today’s most ongoing and medically-expensive injuries. That’s because specific injuries have been difficult to detect. Until now. 
Every 2-7 seconds, spinal ligament injuries occur from auto accidents, work-related mishaps or slip and falls. 

Patients then lean on your expertise to help them recover. However, today’s conventional approach of using traditional MRI testing does not show the full extent of these injuries. But the injury evidence IS there… when you look differently.

What CRMA Is - xray image
That’s why Spinal Kinetics innovated and made available its ground-breaking spinal injury diagnostic test the CRMA™  (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) report.

This spinal injury diagnostic test pinpoints spinal ligament injuries by measuring excessive joint motion at its specific location. It also reveals that injury’s severity in cervical and lumbar regions. These spinal conditions are NOT FOUND WITH ANY OTHER testing procedure.

CRMA Sample Report

CRMA™ reports are seamlessly woven into your existing clinical practice processes for spinal injury care.

Plus, it comes at no cost to you. As a Spinal Kinetics user, you’ll quickly receive an objective and independent analysis from board-certified medical radiologists. You’ll also greatly value the Spinal Kinetics guarantee to stand behind the findings with insurance carriers and attorneys.


No spinal injury should go undetected, especially in a world where CRMA™ reports already exists. 

When you can’t pinpoint the specific injury, you can’t provide the optimal care…
and that means a patient’s well-being can be negatively impacted.
Isn’t it time you embarked on a journey of precision, expertise, and unwavering confidence?