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How Spinal Kinetics Works - Hero 3

How Spinal Kinetics Works

Swift Analysis, Accelerated Recovery

With one spinal diagnostic test, you can accurately pinpoint the source of injury, eliminate treatment bias and generate favorable patient outcomes. You can even onboard in less than one day and immediately begin implementing this diagnostic test with your next presenting injured patients. 

Spinal Kinetics makes it as easy as 1-2-3:

  • How Spinal Kinetics Works - Step 1

    Step 1 - Sign Up

    Complete this registration form or call 877-508-9729 to have your questions answered by a service consultant. You’ll receive a welcome kit and can schedule your onboarding call.
  • How Spinal Kinetics Works - Step 2

    Step 2 - Upload Paperwork and
    X-ray imaging

    Install your Secure File Transfer folder during your Onboarding call and upload the needed paperwork and X-ray images. The Spinal Kinetics team will train you on exactly what’s needed for accurate results… and you’ll be glad to know that all you need is the imaging you’re already ordering. 

  • How Spinal Kinetics Works - Step 3

    Step 3 - Use Results to Properly Treat

    In less than 24 hours you’ll receive an objective, board-certified (licensed in your state) radiologist-reviewed study that identifies exactly where the injury is. This study report is easy to understand, provides superior documentation that withstands attorney and insurance carrier scrutiny. But, best of all, you get the insight you need to effectively target treatment and improve patient recovery.