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No Spinal Ligament Injury Goes Undetected

Spinal injury is the undisputed, leading cause of chronic pain. Far too often though, spinal injuries go undiagnosed, underdiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed. 


When you have the innovative, medically-cleared spinal injury diagnostic test that makes statistics like those a thing of the past, can you keep that to yourself? Absolutely not. 

We are here to provide better, more accurate diagnostics, so that treating providers can provide more targeted and effective treatment programs and patients can achieve better physical recoveries with less chronic pain. 

Therefore, Spinal Kinetics is on a mission to ensure that every spinal injury is properly tested for excessive motion, when medically indicated. It’s this team's goal to work in a world where no spinal ligament injury goes undetected. 

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Join the Spinal Kinetics mission and ensure none of YOUR patient’s spinal ligament injuries go undetected.