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Benefits - Hero


Documentation that Doesn’t Get Pushed Back On
(and a whole lot more)

By now, you’ve probably realized that this service seems to have a ton of value and merit. You just want to be sure you’ve done your proper due diligence… you know, to be sure.

Here are even more benefits that are too good to ignore. As a result of Spinal Kinetics, you will be able to:

  • Align with a company that uses FDA-cleared technology
  • Boost diagnostic credibility with an objective evaluation from an independent board-certified radiologist licensed in your state
  • Get rid of outdated technology that may be highly inaccurate and makes you do all the work
  • Get rid of insurance scrutiny due to perceived provider bias associated with self-testing
  • Grade the level and severity of your patient's spinal ligament injury
  • Rule in/out patients that have surgical levels of ligament damage
  • Correlate and be in compliance with your own treatment guidelines (e.g. surgical or pain management guidelines)
  • Determine if activity restrictions are warranted according to nationally accepted athletic return-to-play parameter guidelines
  • Rule in/out permanent impairments 
  • Establish the severity, location, and levels of facet injuries
  • Help establish disc herniations as an injury resultant from the accident or incident, and not a pre-existing condition
  • Establish more credible MRI referrals rather than a one-size fits all shotgun approach
  • Establish one of the main causes of symptoms associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries  
  • Put a halt to under-documentation of patient injuries
  • Innovate and improve your treatment approach