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The Evidence is There.

Spinal Ligament Injury Analysis Just Got Simple.

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Every 2-7 seconds, an auto, work or home injury occurs in the U.S.

Injured patients rely on you – and your expertise – to resolve their conditions. While the majority of these patients will likely have spinal injuries (which can be some of the most common, costly and debilitating injuries in the country), the limitations of MRI and traditional X-rays will not provide you with sufficient insight into the spinal support ligaments that hold your patient's spine in alignment. This can result in under-documentation, application of improper treatment protocols, and ultimately a reduction in the quality of care provided to that patient.

However, with Spinal Kinetics FDA-cleared technology, you’ll be equipped with the evidence you need to ensure any recommended treatment protocols are fully guided by insight and precision. 

What if you could possess a complete understanding of each spinal injury you encounter? You can.

Introducing CRMA™  (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) report, the one-of-a-kind excessive motion spinal analysis from Spinal Kinetics.

Imagine being able to precisely identify the exact location and severity of spinal ligament injuries, illuminating what was once hidden. With a single analysis, you’ll transform into the ultimate spinal injury authority. The results are easy to understand, make treatment options more obvious and support your patients in receiving the full treatment benefits they’re entitled to.

Spinal Kinetics’ commitment isn’t just to accuracy and specifically pinpointing the injury... it’s to establishing you as THE personal injury health expert who cares most about your patient’s well being.

Ready to make evidence the cornerstone of your work? 

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Spinal Kinetics is For:


You are right. Traditional MRI was not designed to pick up significant spinal support ligament injuries. With CRMA you are no longer blind to these injuries and now have much broader treatment options.

Insurance Carriers

Insurers, we believe that whenever possible, these tests should be performed in an unbiased manner, by 3rd party radiologists, using FDA-Cleared technology. 

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Up to 30% of your clients may have a life changing spinal support ligament injury that qualifies them for spinal fusion surgery. We don't think it is right for anyone to miss that. 


Stands Alone In:

Provider Safety FDA-cleared, aligned with AMA guidelines, and avoid attacks of treating provider bias.   
Peace of Mind Unbiased, medically-validated documentation stands up to insurance and attorney scrutiny  

Order standard stress X-rays and send images to Spinal Kinetics through our secure online provider portal. Easy.

Well-Being KNOW fully the root cause of your patient's condition, so they may experience a better recovery.  

Zero. Nada. Zilch. There is no cost to providers. All analysis costs are billed to the case.

Familiarity No new equipment, use standard radiology and imaging that you already use and know.   

Aligned with YOUR Process:

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Aligned with YOUR Process:

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Yes, you can find the spinal condition that’s not found with any other test procedure.

Precise injury analysis just got simple.