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Sports Injury Specialists

Sports Injury Specialists

As a sports related specialist, spinal injuries can be a significant part of your practice. Of course, you, like any doctor, need to be able to the accurately diagnose any spinal ligament injury. Whether the ligament injury is to a ligament that is a disk or to a non-disk ligament you have to be able to determine the severity and location or your patient’s injuries.

Spinal Kinetics CRMA® Spinal Ligament Testing should be a integral part of any Sport Specialist Practice.

The Leading Cause of Spinal Instability

The leading cause of spinal instability is trauma to the spinal ligaments.

Injury is typically the result of damage sustained from auto accidents, work-related accidents, slips, falls or sports related injuries to the spine.

The most accurate way to diagnose these spinal ligament injuries is through stress x-rays and accurate measurements with CRMA® interpretation, which is an innovative new analysis that picks up the excessive motion Bio Imaging Marker that is consistent with a spinal ligament injury.CRMA is a Bio Imaging Marker that MRI was not designed to find.

Although MRI is the leading way to pick up the spinal disc ligament injury. Conversly, CRMA® is the best way to pick up the non-disc ligament injuries of the spine and the easiest way for providers to determine if the patient has a spinal instability from their injuries. Good diagnosticians also know that a disc herniation with no excessive motion at, below or above the level of the herniation itself is a much easier herniation to treat.

Our CRMA® excessive spinal motion testing procedure can allow you to do two very important things in your practice:

  1. Make far more accurate determinations of spinal ligament injuries that your patient(s) may have leading to more appropriate and suitable treatment plans that yield better results.
  2. Make better decisions regarding adherence to return to play parameters in contact sports activities so that you can prevent further injury to you patients. As you will see, spinal excessive motion findings as provided by our CRMA® intersegmental motion testing procedure on your patients X-rays is a integral part of making those determinations.
CRMA Findings - Sports Injury Specialists

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