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Pain Management Doctors

Spinal Kinetics Pain Management Doctors

How CRMA Can Help Pain Management Doctors

Pain Management Doctors need to clinically differentiate the causes of back and neck pain from ligament laxity, spinal instability, or a disc condition which results in an irritation to the nerve.

Our CRMA® spinal ligament testing procedure allows you to determine the area of ligament damage and can be an invaluable tool. Our report will assist in guiding you to look at exact levels of vertebral involvement and the exact area of ligament compromise if it exists. This, of course, will allow you to hone in and make more accurate assessments and decisions regarding the areas that you may need to inject or to ablate or in severe cases, to refer your patient to a surgical treatment facility for a consultation.

As in all imaging studies, your procedures, especially in the area of injury care, become a definitive diagnosis. When you shut the pain off, you are confirming the fact that the patient indeed had a spinal instability at that level. So you become an intricate part of services in the injury care market and our CRMA® report can assist you in providing services to achieve far more accurate results with the injury patients that you serve.

Using CRMA In Your Practice

The leading cause of spinal instability is trauma to the spinal ligaments, typically from auto accidents, work-related accidents, slip and falls. The most accurate way to diagnose these injuries is by using stress x-rays and accurate measurements with CRMA® interpretation. CRMA is an innovative new analysis that detects the excessive motion Bio Imaging Marker consistent with a spinal ligament injury – a Bio Imaging Marker that MRI was not designed to find.

MRI is the leading method employed to detect spinal disc ligament injuries. CRMA® is the best way to pick up the non-disc ligament injuries of the spine and the easiest way for providers to determine if the patient has a spinal instability from their injuries. Trained diagnosticians also know that a disc herniation with no excessive motion at, below or above the level of the herniation itself, is a much easier herniation to treat.

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