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Orthopedic Surgeons

As spinal surgeons, you have one of the most difficult jobs in all of medicine. Spinal surgeries can have a profound effect on the patient for the rest of their lives, both good and bad. At Spinal Kinetics, we can help to reduce failed back surgeries by providing the surgeon with and accurate and reliable read out of the spines inter-segmental movement patterns.

Now you can create a surgical care plan that addresses potential pre-existing spinal instability above and below the proposed fusion site.

Spinal Kinetics CRMA® excessive spinal motion testing can allow spinal surgeons to get faster surgical pre-authorizations and develop better surgical plans.

Spinal Fusion Surgeries or Spinal Disc Surgeries

Spinal fusion surgeries are used for the fusion of spinal instabilities. Spinal instabilities cause macro and micro instabilities. At Spinal Kinetics, we pick up the macros instabilities or the macro excessive motion that could affect your treatment plan.

If you are looking to fuse C5 to C6, but you already know that C4 and C5 have severe excessive motion, it may alter or change your surgical plan. Listed below is a surgical guideline that shows that instability, or excessive motion, of the cervical spine or lumbar spine is a pre-authorization factor that allows for the pre-authorization of spinal fusion surgeries. This is information that every surgeon is going to want to know.

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