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Surgical Guidelines

Companies and Worker’s Compensation Districts today can have radiographic mensuration criteria that drives the lower conservative care paths for rehabilitation and the higher care paths such as spinal fusion surgeries when rehabilitation is not enough. Below are some examples of such guidelines.

Ways We Can Assist You

There are a number of ways that we can assist you if your patient is a potential surgical candidate:

  • If you are a surgeon, or a surgical center we can perform your reading services so that  you can objectively establish that your patient has met the pre-authorization radiographic mensuration criteria.  The read also helps your surgeon to better determine hidden areas of instability above or below the potential fusion site—thus allowing him/her to modify the surgical plan accordingly.
  • If you are an insurer; we can perform your pre-authorization reads to in fact validate the the proper mensuration criteria has been met.

Surgical Guidelines Contact Information

To find out more about these services, simply call 877-508-9729 and set up a time to consult with one of our provider specialists.

View Washington State Workers Compensation Guidelines for Pre-Surgical Spinal Fusion Cigna Spinal Fusion Pre-Authorization Guidelines

View eviCore Spine Surgery Guidelines – Effective 2/14/2020

We will do anything that we can to help reduce failed back surgeries. The image below shows a “obvious instability” after the spinal fusion procedure. This can be reduced with more reliable “spinal intersegmental motion analysis” prior to the surgical procedure itself.

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