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Our imaging centers in New York and New Jersey employ the latest technology for assessing spinal joint and ligament insult, making us a leader in expert interpretations of imaging examinations. We are spinal injury experts. We assist all specialties that deal with spinal injury, so doctors can determine the best course of treatment for their patients.

Our headquarters in New Jersey continually helps ensure the entire SPINAL KINETICS Family of Companies is committed to providing healthcare professionals and their patients with exceptional and precise medical diagnostic services. Our team of highly trained medical radiologists, technologists, chiropractors, research specialists, educators, and support staff is fully committed to excellence in customer service as well as clinical evaluations of x-ray images. For more information in New York and New Jersey, please reach out to our headquarters.

Dynamic Medical Imaging

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Diagnostic Services:

Our unique and highly advanced computer technology, combined with our elite staff of imaging professionals, assures all specialty doctors, from Neurosurgeons to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists that they will be provided the very best assessments of spinal soft-tissue injury available.

Spinal Kinetics offers a unique, easy-to-implement service designed to assist you in obtaining a more accurate diagnosis for your patients.

Chiropractic Analysis

Of vertebral derangement (Spinal Subluxation) can be objectively evaluated in a valid and unique way, well within the accepted Chiropractic Professional Guidelines, as well as AMA Guidelines. Our detailed report allows you to be a Guideline-driven practice, and a spinal injury specialist.

Sports Injury Specialists

Will be able to accurately analyze and assess spinal ligament stability/instability for specific evaluation of athletic injuries as a guideline for returning to contact sports.

Pain Management Doctors

Who need analysis to specifically differentiate the cause of pain from ligament laxity/instability, disc, nerve, or other source.

Neurosurgical Analysis

For stability/instability evaluation of spinal joints following spinal trauma or surgery.

Orthopedic Surgeons

That may be required to follow specific guidelines for assessment of candidates for Vertebral-Fusion Surgery, including very specific evaluation of radiographs with Mensuration can use our advanced C.R.M.A. to assist them.

Do the absolute best for your patients. Arrive at the most accurate diagnosis. Make the most specific and accurate care recommendations. Be a Guideline-driven expert practice. Use SPINAL KINETICS C.R.M.A. (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis)

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