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The leading cause of spinal instability is trauma to the spinal ligaments, typically from auto accidents, work-related accidents, slip and falls.

The most accurate way to diagnose these spinal ligament injuries is through stress x-rays and accurate measurements with CRMA® interpretation, which is an innovative new analysis that picks up the excessive motion Bio-Imaging Marker that is consistent with a Spinal Ligament Injury.

This is a Bio-Imaging Marker that MRI was not designed to find.  MRI is the leading way to pick up the spinal disc ligament injury. CRMA® is the best way to pick up the non-disc ligament injuries of the spine and the easiest way for providers to determine if the patient has a spinal instability from their injuries. Trained diagnosticians also know that a disc herniation with no excessive motion at, below, or above the level of the herniation itself is a much easier herniation to treat.

Call (877) 508-9729 get approval for our services and request our CRMA® welcome packet with customized forms.
Determine how you want us to receive your images, via our prepaid FedEx labels or Via a secure internet connection to your imaging system.
Start sending your orders and x-rays in and receive you patients report in 24-48 hours. Faster if needed.

CRMA spinal ligament testing with Spinal Kinetics is easy to implement into your current clinical practice for spinal ligament injury work and is available at no cost to you. Simply call us at 877-508-9729 to receive your referral information materials. Once you are approved, you’ll be mailed a welcome packet describing the procedure and providing the mailing information you will need to send your x-rays into us for analysis, or for those of you that want faster transmission of your images, we will instruct you on how to set up a secure line into our board-certified medical radiologist PAC’s system immediately.

Spinal Kinetics is a behind-the-scenes leader in harnessing medical technology to advance functional imaging so that significant spinal ligament injuries no longer go undiagnosed.

Once the services are performed, a report will be provided to you, and you will have an unbiased and factual analysis of your patient’s excessive joint motion, opening the door to better, faster diagnosis and proper treatment for the patient that you’re treating. The process is simple. You just call 877-508-9729, request your welcome pack, we approve you, you receive your welcome pack and implement the procedure, send in your x-rays, and receive your report back in 24 to 48 hours, and now you have an independent unbiased report that lead to a more accurate diagnosis and can put your patient on the way to better results with your treatments.

For more information on how CRMA® can be utilized in your practice simply call 877-508-9729 and set up a consultation with one of our health specialists.

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The MRI is inconclusive but the pain and symptoms are very much present. What could be the problem?





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