For subluxation-based Chiropractors who want to finally prove and validate spinal subluxation and correlate this spinal derangement with their patient’s clinical symptoms, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis is the most independent and clinically objective way to document your diagnosis. Are you a doctor who tends to shy away from the use of the term subluxation? WHY? Every medical and radiology textbook, medical doctor, and insurance company, recognize, define and use this term… and rightfully so.

Dr. Manohar M. Panjabi, Ph.D., D. Tech is a name synonymous with the field of spinal biomechanics. He heads one of the world’s greatest spinal biomechanics laboratories and is recognized as an international authority on biomechanics, particularly as related to the spine. He authored the famous textbook, “Clinical Biomechanics of the Spine”, with Dr. White of Harvard. He, along with many top medical experts, acknowledge that the inability of spinal motor units to maintain alignment under load can cause pressure on the spinal cord, and the spinal nerve roots, and cause pain due to this mechanical distortion.

Your 115 year clinical chiropractic model has been validated. Subluxation is not a “philosophy”; it is now an objective diagnosis. Let our C.R.M.A. document it objectively for you. Become guideline-driven. Become scientific. Become a spinal injury expert. Achieve better clinical outcomes. Validate and document your treatment and care recommendations, while increasing patient safety and patient compliance.