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This is a repository of articles that we feel might be important topics in today’s contemporary spinal trauma market.

New Doctors To Our Service May Want to  Begin With These Six Articles

Forms that Can Be Utilized in Your Clinic to Make  Patient Documentation Process Easier, Accurate and More Complete

CRMA Medical Necessity Form—-This is a form that you fill out to document medical necessity for the procedure for all types of clinical scenarios that you may run into with a particular patient referral.

CRMA Patient Results and Treatment Modification Form—This one is a form to show patient specific treatment modifications based on the results of the the CRMA Testing


More Important Articles

How  Spinal Adjustments May Stablolize a Spinal Instability—The Chiropractic Impact Report September 2010 Newsletter

Research Shows that Computer Assisted Radiographic Reads are More Accurate and Reliable—-This Just Makes Sense (Published Spine 2007)

Dr. Brownstein Letter to the Editor Dynamic Chiropractic 2011″Aligning and Realigning”  Addresses the Updates in Spinal Instability in the Chiropractic Profession

Clinical Instability and Low back Pain  Manohar Panjabi

41 Studies References That Show Just How Significant Spinal Ligament Injuries Can Be in Causing Long Term Residual Complaints in the Patients That Receive Them 

World Leader in Spinal Biomechanical Research Shows Clinicians the Applicability of Spinal Ligament Testing Results in Potential Work Modifications

How Manual Spinal Adjustments May Stabolize the Unstable Spine Dynamic Chiropractic 2010

Contemporary Subluxation Model Shows All Spinal Subluxations Are Initiated By Ligament Damage Dynamic Chiropractic 2010

Optum Care X-ray Guidelines

Why Defensive Medicine Won’t Go Away—-and Might Become Worse

A Hypothesis of Chronic Back Pain: Ligament Sub-Failure Injuries Lead to Muscle Control Dysfunction.—Panjabi

Medical Malpractice Risks With New Pressure on Doctors To Undertreat